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History of SIC

The Scientific Information Center begins with the Institute for Public Health Development (Moscow, Russia), created in 2007 as an autonomous non-profit research organization. The main activities are: research in the field of organization and economics of health care and pharmacy, medical information technology, the implementation of scientific information, educational and educational programs. On the basis of the Institute for Public Health Development in 2009, for the first time in Russia, the Scientific Information Center (SIC) for the prevention and treatment of viral infections was founded.

Since 2012, the SIC functions as an independent agency and carries out expertise in the field of health care, pharmaceuticals, socially significant diseases and medical technologies, including pharmacoeconomics and health economics.

The target audiences of the SIC are doctors, patients, the media, representatives of the legislative and executive authorities. Target nosologies are viral hepatitis, HIV infection, ARVI, influenza, herpes viral infections, human papillomavirus infections. Thus, the SIC is focused on common and socially significant infections and the implementation of innovative investment and consulting projects in the provision of high-tech medical care. The basis for the success of the SIC is a firm belief in its social significance and the timeliness of the appearance in the information space of clinical virology. Combining the efforts of medical specialists - infectious disease specialists, epidemiologists, virologists, immunologists-allergologists, gastroenterologists-hepatologists, dermatologists and general practitioners (therapists) is especially necessary during the period of reforms and transformations in the Russian economy - and we are moving from identifying problems of the healthcare system to its gradual and dynamic development.

Extending and improving the quality of life of patients and providing doctors with access to innovative and original approaches in the prevention and treatment of viral infections.
  • Organization and development of social and professional movements in support of awareness of the need to treat patients with hepatitis B, C, D, HIV infection, influenza, herpesvirus and other viral diseases through specific projects, in order to facilitate the development of programs in the healthcare system of Russia
  • Implementation of specific projects through key opinion leaders, special events throughout the country, the media.
  • Implementation of educational and awareness-raising activities among the professional community (doctors) and patients, thanks to the involvement of leading specialists and opinion leaders
  • Updating the issues of treatment of hepatitis B, C, D, HIV infection, influenza, herpesvirus and other infections in the mass consciousness through information campaigns in the media and the perception of specialist doctors, representatives of federal and regional legislative and executive authorities;
Initiate new projects of the Scientific Information Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Viral Infections and conduct an examination of existing virological projects for their further implementation within the framework of state programs for the treatment of hepatitis B, C, D, HIV infection, influenza and other viral infections.
Provide interactions between medical specialists and key opinion leaders.
Educational programs
Initiate and develop educational programs (schools) for patients with viral hepatitis and HIV infection.
Information base
To create favorable informational conditions and a methodological basis for the preparation and implementation of programs for target audiences (healthcare organizers, doctors, patients, media representatives).
The need for drugs
To identify the clinical and pharmacological needs for new drugs for the treatment of viral infections.
Research results
To inform about the results of new clinical and medico-economic studies, standards of care and recommendations for modern diagnostics and therapy.
Create and implement special educational programs for doctors with the adaptation of materials from international organizations in the field of virology.
International integration
Promote international integration, cooperation with international virological associations.